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Poetess Sappho on Hellenistic Roman fresco

Far removed in spirit from the more
familiar images of mighty colonnades
and military standards, the musing
gaze of Plato's "tenth muse"
- the poetess Sappho of Lesbos
- on this Hellenistic Roman fresco, reveals
a gentler side of the ancient Latin empire

"Pax Romana" - the Roman "peace", signifying state institutions and the associated culture and way of life it had promoted, was to dominate the broader Euromediterranean region for well over half a millenium, and in a modified form for even much longer. Many of its products remain a permanent legacy of our civilization, and it's no wonder that interest in it remains high today. This applies among other things to collectible coinage as well. Indeed, the Roman monetary economy was a booming one, with mints producing at one time 2.5 million silver pieces a month - and the surviving portion of that allows for an affordable glimpse into this bygone world. The Roman numismatic series comprises usually several sections, like the Republican, Roman Imperial and Greek Imperial (issues of provincial mints, usually with Greek inscriptions, also known as "Roman provincial coinage"). Also, the late Roman coinage has in many ways a fluid boundary - not unlike the state institutions altogether - with that of the Byzantine Empire.

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