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Dionysos riding on panther

Inebriated Dionysos riding panther on
provincial Roman bronze from Cilicia

Though a "late comer" to the Olympic dozen, Zeus' son Dionysos (Roman Liber or Bacchus) - the god of growth and vegetation, vines, wine and ecstasy - made it there with a splash (naturally). His cult quickly spread from Thrace around the 6th century BC to numerous Greek locales, and carried over to Roman times. His main attributes are the vine, ivy, two-handled drinking cup called kantharos and the cone-topped staff called thyrsos. Being a god of organic nature and revival, there are many animals associated with him as well, some of which are considered his alternate forms - the bull, goat, panther, ass and others. Dionysos' veneration usually took special forms, with elaborate rituals for the initiated known as "mysteries", and there is a sizable list of mythological characters (e.g. Maenads, Pan, Satyr and Silenos) and other mystery cults (e.g. Orpheus and Orphics) linked to him.

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