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Ancient Greece

Odysseus resisting Sirens, on Theban pottery

Tied to center mast, Odysseus resists deadly temptations
of the Sirens (from 5th c. BC Theban pottery)

The term "Ancient Greek coinage" covers a vast variety of issues during the course of almost a millenium. Apart from the quintessential Hellenic series throughout the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic eras, it has come to usually include also coinages on the fringes of the Greek world, displaying Greek inscriptions, deities or some other influences. Likewise, coins like the provincial Greek series of the Roman Empire can alternately be classified under either Greece or Rome.

The presentation here currently features several "themes" as an illustration of some possible collecting areas (additional ones may appear from time to time). Some themes are broken into further subtopics, and in each case they are highlighted by relevant searches from currently available inventory. Of course, such themes are not exclusive and many coins may straddle the boundaries, appearing or more than one collecting area. So - please browse around at your leisure, and as always - feel free to inquire should you have numismatic questions or technical issues in searching for something specific.

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