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The Erymanthean Boar

Herakles carrying Erymanthean boar

Herakles carrying Erymanthean boar on
a Roman colonial bronze from Pautalia

Herakles' third (sometimes considered fourth) labor, pitting the hero against the huge wild boar of Mount Erymanthos. A rare bloodless affair, it required some enticing into open space, chasing in the deep snow, and finally old-fashioned wrestling on Herakles' part. The very sight of the captured but angry beast prompted the wretched and cowardly king Eurystheus to seek last-minute refuge in his bronze jar. However, a large part of the tale of this labor is concerned with a side adventure during the journey to Mt. Erymanthos - the hero's encounter with centaurs in Pholos' cave.

Renditions on coinage of this labor of Herakles do exist, though they are impressive and seldom found. We might not have them available always, but it is still worth searching for coins depicting boars.