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Athena on a stater of Velia

Athena in Phrygian helmet
ornamented with female centaur
on a stater of Velia

Zeus' warlike daughter, the goddess of wisdom, as well as protectress of cities (most notably Athens), patroness of craftsmen, arts and industry. Her main attributes are the owl and aegis (shield), and she is usually shown in a crested Corinthian helmet (usually Attic or Corinthian, occasionally Phrygian or other), and sometimes in a battling stance - all of which are readily recognizable on the numerous coin issues where she is featured. One of the true "classics" of ancient mints - the Athenian silver tetradrachms - are almost totally dedicated to her, displaying her profiled portrait on one side, and an owl and olive branch on the other. During later, Roman times, her cult continued to flourish as Minerva.

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