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Artemis huntress chasing stag

Artemis Huntress chasing stag on a
Roman colonial bronze from Ephesus

Apollo's twin sister, Artemis (Diana of the Roman era) was another deity with deep and diverse roots in old antiquity. She is primarily associated with wild beasts, hunting, the Moon, and thus nature in general; as such she is also a protectress of the young, both among animals and humans. Her iconography on coinage is usually that of a slender huntress, her hair raised, with a bow and arrow, sometimes accompanied by animals. The magnitude of her veneration is punctuated by one of the seven world wonders, the Artemision of Ephesos, which was a grand temple dedicated to her - a rare distinction among the Olympians, shared with her by the supreme deity Zeus alone.

It is interesting, however, that over time her veneration at Ephesos absorbed elements of other Eastern female deities (e.g. Magna Mater), which in turn resulted in a cult mostly emphasizing maternity and fertility. This form is readily discernible on coinage representations as well, and is generally distinguished by reference to "Ephesian Artemis".

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