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Pan on Pantikapaion bronze

Mature Pan on a large bronze
from Pantikapaion

The god of shepherds and flocks, son of Hermes (according to one tradition). Mostly appearing human, but usually with horns, ears, legs and hair of a goat, he was fond of music and played a characterstic mutliple pipe, which to this day is called panpipe. But his most lasting legacy is probably that of panic - the utter terror inflicted on unsuspecting travellers in the woods with his shrieky voice. He is credited with pulling the same move on the Persian invaders at Marathon - and was subsequently venerated by the Athenians for that memorable deed.

Numismatic depictions of Pan are not uncommon and relatively diverse. Some of the nicest and most prized ones come from the eponymous Greek city-colony of Pantikapaion on the Crimean peninsula, with equisite detail on the flagship gold staters. However, bronze issues from this mint with Pan's obverse are also artistically quite acomplished, and certainly more accesible to a wide range of collectors.

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